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School Introduction 

SGE has been selected by the State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs and the Ministry of Education of China as an “International Model School” with a “Propulsion Project for an International Model School of Higher Education”. With a focus toward being a “Double First-Rated” progam, based on the platform of the leading engineering subjects at Beihang University, SGE introduces an international faculty, provides a core curriculum in English, spares no effort in establishing “Beihang Engineering,” which is a model of international teaching, and pushes to bring about a comprehensive reform of Beihang University and higher education in China.The president of Beihang University Mr. Xu Huibin acts as the director of the administration committee of SGE. Prof. Wen Dongsheng, the dean of the School of Aeronautical Science and Engineering, holds a concurrent post as the dean of SGE. He was also professor and Chair at Leeds University and was conferred the title of “National Distinguished Expert” of the Thousand Talents Plan. Internationally famous academicians and educational experts form the international advisory committee and academic committee.
The faculty of SGE covers long-term and short-term professors from all over the world, the nationally distinguished specially-invited experts of “the Thousand Talents Plan” who have worked for Beihang University, and professors responsible for the core curriculum of the related schools. The renowned international professors are responsible for both delivering lectures, and being academic advisors. SGE carries out the “Partner University plan,” which utilizes the “1→n” model to cooperate with world-top universities in curriculum building as well as a professor exchange program, to systematically introduce a foreign teaching team. Considering the effective communication amongst the international professors, and the smooth-running of the international professor exchange program, the teaching professors and the academic advisors adopt the “Double Professor” system, which is based around the supervisors abroad and, with the help of supervisors at home, guides students’ lives.

Beihang University’s public teaching laboratory, LIAMA of the Sino-French Engineering School, the extracurricular activities’ platform of both the School of Mechanical Engineering & Automation-BUAA, and the School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering are available to SGE. International professors can conduct interdisciplinary research among different research centers or different schools, according to the direction of their original research and the cooperating professors at Beihang University. Both the university and the school provide specialized expenditures to support the home professor and international professor’s inter-university, inter-department, and interdisciplinary teaching and research cooperation.

The bachelor degree program is designed as an outcomes/competency-based program and to go for four years. In 2017, SGE shall initiate mixed-classes, recruiting both sophisticated Chinese and exchange undergraduates. All the core curriculum will be lectured in English by excellent international professors, while the tuition will be the same as the other engineering schools of Beihang University.  

As an international initiative teaching class, SGE enjoys abundant autonomy when it comes to the formulation and implementation of the program. There is no specialty among the first-three semesters. The designation of the curriculum system fully bears out Beihang University’s teaching conceptions, which is highly focused on mathematics and engineering skills. After three semesters of English training and general education, students will follow training tracks according to the majors of Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The curriculum meets the standards of world-top universities by adjusting the construction of the curriculum and the knowledge to simplify the curriculum to improve the comprehensive degree of the curriculum, and to reinforce the capabilities of innovation and practice. The curriculum for the seniors is designed as a Bachelor to Master, or a Bachelor to Doctor Program. Also, SGE provides varieties of featured curriculum, such as the “BUAA-Engineering Leadership Program,” the “Grand Engineering Challenges Scholars Program” and others.  

For the first academic year, SGE provides intensive English courses and Advanced Placement English courses.

SGE offers a “One-Term Abroad” program, which means 100% of students have an exchange opportunity amongst sister-universities, and have the opportunity to apply for scholarships, which are offered by CSC, universities, or enterprises. After finishing undergraduate studies, qualified students will be awarded their Certification of Graduation, Bachelor Degree, and BUAA-Engineering Leadership Program Certificate. Students who graduate from the program will meet requirements such as that of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), etc. Qualified students can apply for their master or doctor degree with SGE, or even pursue further education with the recommendation of the international professors.

SGE lays a foundation for engineering science and interdisciplinary research. The program aims to cultivate the abilities of cooperation and innovation, the qualities of Internationalization, Integration, Interdisciplinary, Innovation, and Leadership (The four I’s and the L).

SGE provides an international studying environment with advanced international engineering educational concepts and an international student managerial model. Excellent international students have priority to attend classes and take part in extracurricular activities with exchange students from top global universities. And they have chances for various short-term/long-term exchanges during their studies.

The school caters to students with excellent capacities. The school uses small-size classes for practical teaching and a deliberative environment. The program is conducted under teaching management based on process checks and guided by quality innovation. It is a novel model based on “the integration of China and the West, the development of a wide range of engineering competencies: knowledge, skills and attitudes/values, including ethical behavior with both supervisors at home and abroad, jointly guiding students’ lives, studies and scientific research.

All four-year programs for Bachelor Degrees should be completed at the Xueyuan Road Campus.