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  • 《Application for the Position of Foreign Teacher of Beihang University》

  • Faculty Recruitment

        Beihang University is inviting aspirational researchers to take faculty positions (assistant, associate and full professor level) for the undergraduate programs of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the School of General Engineering (SGE). The positions will be responsible for teaching, module development and administration and conducting independent research. English is the instruction language in the School.

    About the University

        Beihang University, formerly Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA), was founded in 1952 with the merger of the aeronautical departments from eight top Chinese universities. It is the top aerospace university in China, and also one of the nation’s foremost comprehensive research universities supported by China’s Project 211, Project 985 and Project 2011.

        Beihang has nearly 30,000 students including ~2000 international students from 90 countries.  It offers 189 academic programs, including 61 undergraduate programs and 128 postgraduate programs. It has faculty members of over 2300 including >20 elected members of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering. The University has the leading program in China in the areas of aeronautics and astronautics, instrument science and technology, computer science and technology, management science and engineering etc. As a powerhouse of research and innovation, Beihang has earned 1,264 awards for achievements at national or ministerial level, including three First Prizes of National Science & Technology Progress Awards and six First Prizes of National Technological Innovation Awards. Beihang also has strong links with the industrial sector, which contributes to more than 50 percent of the University’s research projects.

    Already being a top 1% university in China, Beihang’s aspiration is to become a world class research university (i.e. top 100) with distinctive advantages in science and technology.

    About the School

        The School of General Engineering (SGE) is a new school situated on the Xueyuan Road campus of Beihang University. SGE was sponsored and approved by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) of China in June 2015 as an ‘International Model School’ to pioneer international education in Chinese universities. SGE will be running in accordance with international practice, with the majority of modules taught in English by experts worldwide, while highlighting the unique characteristics of Chinese higher education. The school will be composed of the brightest Chinese students enrolled from national examination system (i.e., Gaokao) and high quality international students, with the first batch starting in September 2017. Students will get a bachelor degree in either Aeronautical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering upon successful completion of the program. Master degrees will be conferred after another two year’s successful study in selected programs.  


        Depending on the experience, suitable levels of appointment will be made at assistant, associate and full professor level, as well as senior administration role.  

    On the teaching side, the faculty positions will be responsible for the teaching of the Basic Courses (Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Engineering) and core courses (both compulsory and selective courses) for the undergraduate programs of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.  Example teaching modules are as follows.

    Basic courses                      



    1. Applicants are supposed to be in good physical condition with a maximum age of 6o years old.Qualifications and Requirements

    2. Applicants should have earned PhD degree of authorities.

    3. Applicants are supposed to have a minimum of 2 years’ relevant work experience.

    4. Applicants should have demonstrated potential in research and teaching.


        The school offers very competitive salaries with benefit packages depending on the experience. For the outstanding candidates, it will be equivalent or higher than the standard of national 1000 talents plan, http://www.1000plan.org/en/  Please contact us for details.

    Application Procedures and Documents

    1. Preliminary Negotiations

        Please submit the following materials listed by May 31, 2017 to the contact person below:

    ①  CV (in English or Chinese)

    ②  FormApplication for the Position of Foreign Teacher of Beihang University》 (Attached file )

    ③  The certificate or approval documents of the highest degree and professional qualification certification.

    ④  Two recommendation letters by the employer(s) or supervisors in latest three years.

    ⑤  Statement outline your interest in the position (assistant, associate or full professor) and statement of teaching interests.

    2. For Contract and Visa

        After reaching the initial consensus on payment and work arrangements, etc., submit these documents:

    ⑥  Job Qualifications Certification

    ⑦  Certification of No Criminal Conviction

    ⑧  The Health Certificate of applicant

    ⑨  The valid passport or valid international travel documents of applicant

    ⑩  The relevant materials of applicant’s accompanying family members.

    Contact Methods

    Ms.  ZHAO Haiyun

    School of General Engineering

    Beihang University

    37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District

    Beijing 100191, China

    Tele: +86 (0) 10 82314662

    Fax: +86 (0) 10 82338615

    Email: sge@buaa.edu.cn


        Beihang University will conduct interviews for applicants who are eligible for initial academic selection and will inform those applicants via email and phone when such a situation arises.